It's time to re-think energy. Tired of energy drinks not giving you the boost you really need? Sick of feeling jittery and flat after drinking an energy drink? Then add some Z!NG to your life and never get that "flatter-than-an-old-tire" feeling again!
For the Spring Semester my group embarked on making a energy drink commercial. I co-wrote the script, made the storyboards, help shoot the commercial, edit the video, did the motion graphics, and made all of the graphics used on the website and DVD. I was a long and hard semester, but I'm quite proud of the end product
Logo Design
Power Punch Logo Design 
Smart Berry Logo Design
Morning Burst Label Design
Power Punch Label Design
Smart Berry Label Design
3D cans with label attached
Slider 1 for Zing Energy Drink Website
Slider 2 for Zing Energy Drink Website
Slider 3 for Zing Energy Drink Website
Menu 1 Design for DVD
Menu 2 Design for DVD
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